Ash is a Wolf Shaman of the Grey Woods Clan and thus honor-bound to protect his people from all foes who would invade or despoil their lands.

He does so with the help of his spirit companion Grey and his Dire Wolf Totemic Longspear that he uses as an implement to direct Grey in the defense of his allies.


Ever since Ash can remember, he has dreamt of the spirits. After he drifted off at night to the stories his mother told him about the long line of generations before his, he would run through the secret glades and gullies of his clan’s Grey Woods with them. Only when at the age of six he awoke in the middle of the woods, surrounded by the comforting presence of the Ancestor Spirits, did he realize they weren’t dreams. He never told his mother, preferring to play and romp with the Spirits away from her watchful eye. He especially liked playing with Grey, a beautiful grey wolf who is the oldest known pure-canine ancestor of the Grey Woods Clan.

As Ash grew into full shifterhood, it was naturally assumed by the entire clan that he would become a shaman, so strong was his connection to the spirits, but his father felt differently. Carrying the name of Brook, the blood traitor, Ash felt that his father was jealous of his connection to the spirits, who had always shunned his father for some strange reason. Actually, his father feared losing him to the Rite after the death of his mother.

Because of encroachment on the clan’s lands by outsiders fleeing some unknown epidemic, he approached the council of the elders and the Great Mother of the Clan for permission to overrule his father’s wishes and participate in the Rite of Blood in order to begin his training as a shaman. With the help of Cliff, his spiritual mentor, he was granted permission. Now, having passed the Rite and become a full-fledged shaman, he sets out with Grey as his spirit companion to investigate the cause of the encroachment.


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