Jack Cheap-Shot

"Look, it's very simple. You surrender now, or I kill you. Three feet of steel rapier through the heart will ruin your day right quick."


Jack is a half-orc rogue (brutal scoundrel build) who favors a rapier. He frequently demonstrates his deadly skill with a blade on the over-enthusiastic, then cows his main target into surrendering after giving them a few “reminders” of his talents.


Jack never knew his parents. Growing up on the streets of (the city), he quickly learned to look out for himself first, his mates second, and the law only when absolutely necessary. As a half-orc in a human city, he faced a range of responses to his heritage, from pity to disgust to outright hatred. His wiry strength and amazing speed helped him earn respect from Aron, a master thief who ran a group of boys as pickpockets in (the city), and Jack found a home in his gang. As the years passed and Aron extended his reach over the city, Jack became more of an enforcer and muscle for the gang. His reputation for swift, deadly violence became legendary, and he gathered a number of nicknames: “Steel-Death Jack”, “Jack Grab-All”, “Bloody Jack”, and (his favorite) “Jack Cheap-Shot”.

But unknown to his mates, Jack was getting sick of killing. It seemed to be what he was best at, but the purposeless slaughter wore at his heart. Finally (something happened leading to a split between Jack and his gang) and (the ruler of the city) gave him a choice: prison, or exile—but exile not as an outcast, but as the city’s champion. Each of the three previous champions sent to confront (the initial danger) had perished horribly within days. (The ruler of the city) had decided that it was time to send the city’s deadliest warrior; not its noblest or most respectable, certainly, but its most brutally effective.

And if he never returned, so much the better.

Jack Cheap-Shot

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