The Ybri

Ybri or “The People” are a clan of about 1000 elven families which have settled in the Hammerfast mountains for the last two centuries. The term “settled” can be loosely applied as this clan has no real government or even permanent settlements. Instead, small families move from valley to valley with the changing seasons tending their herds and trading with the locals.

The Ybri celebrate their “lawlessness” and maintain their territory fiercely, either killing those weaker than them who try to invade their lands or endlessly harrassing a larger force till it simply gives up and moves on. The Dwarves have long since given up trying to drive this small band from their lands and instead an informal arrangement exists between the two groups. The Ybri keep giants, goblins, and other sorts away from more valuable Dwarven territory and the Dwarven authorities look the other way when the Ybri come down from their hills to “trade” with the surrounding areas.

Trade, to the Ybri, includes anything and everything between an honest exchange of goods to outright theft. In the spring, the Ybri drive their herds to market and set up large encampments where drinking, gambling, trading, and lying are the norm.

As hill fighters, the Ybri know no equal. All of The People are expected to fight and training begins at an early age for males and females. The People prefer hit-and-run tactics weilding either large Yew bows or a pair of single edged blades. Every four years the Ybri hold a contest to determine who the very best fighter of the clan is. The contest involves both a challenge of fighting ability and cunning. The winner is the Champion for the entire clan and is sent forth in the event that The People require a represenative.

The Ybri

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